Time to move

April 11, 2018

I woke up this morning to a day with expected temperatures to reach into the 70's (finally).  My joints were aching and stretching almost gave me a cramp.  I realized I need to get moving.  Winter was rough, the cold weather really motivated me to do absolutely nothing.  It was so hard to get any movement done.  Going to the gym meant getting out in the cold...I chose the warmth of the couch.  As spring moves through at last, I am inspired to move.


One great thing about camping and taking adventures with your family into the outdoors is you have to move to do it. As sore as my joints are, movement is what they need. I once heard a doctor tell a senior citizen, "things in motion, stay in motion", as he was encouraging that man to keep working outside in his garden. That's great advice for all of us I believe.  So, go into your smart phone and set an alert to move, move often, how ever you do it, move for your own good. It’s going to be easy since spring has arrived and the sunlight and warm breeze will make it easy to go outside and be adventurous. So, let’s start the habit of moving often before winter comes again and the inspiration of the fair-weather day fades into a cold frozen laziness of bundling up on the couch.  And we forget to move because were distracted by the cold.

I think our relationship with God is very similar.  Many times, bright sunny days can inspire us to move for Jesus and share His love with others, because things are going well or we are surrounded by people who motivate us. Sometimes, however, we wake up and the day seems bleak and we ache a little in our spirit and struggle to experience any movement of God in our lives. So we stay isolated and withdrawal from any adventure that Jesus may have for us.


Christians lose many opportunities to experience God’s activity because they haven’t devoted enough time to their own relationship with God.  We rely on other’s relationships with Jesus. And when gloom appears were not strong enough to fight the temptation to “cozy up on the couch”.  We become weak, unhealthy, and lack adventure. 


If you haven’t developed the habit of daily prayer and Bible study, why not begin now so that you’ll be spiritually equipped to move for whatever life brings you?  Time to move.




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